Intelligent & Scalable Aerial Robotics Platform

  • Bird's eye views

    Our aerial robots give you an on-demand bird’s eye view of your land, with multispectral, visual, and thermal sensors. You will be able to spot irrigation issues, frost, wildlife, and infestations immediately.

  • Low cost, high flexibility

    Monitor your crops and irrigation for a fraction of the cost of satellite imagery, planes with multispectral cameras, or helicopters.

  • Portable and modular

    By mounting our base station and drones on an ATV or truck, you can quickly deploy eyes in the sky anywhere on your property, whether to check gaps in barbed wire, or to check on growing patterns in a certain area.

  • Mission critical mine surveillance

    Skycatch takes to the sky allowing you to manage mine operations, blasting, surveying, geology, security and incident response remotely. Autonomous, reliable and cost effective, Skycatch is the solution for your operation.

  • Easier and faster surveying

    Fly autonomously over any site you wish, at any frequency you wish. Survey and photograph sites unreachable or expensive to map by plane.

  • Map in realtime

    Fly a mission regularly to create a 3D model of a site based on the latest information available and figure out the exact status of stockpiles.

  • Check jobsite status from anywhere

    Stay informed about what is happening at jobsites, no matter where you are. Need a status report by tomorrow? Launch our autonomous aerial robots to gather the most up-to-date photos across the site. Create 3D models with imagery taken directly from the jobsite. Use the models in presentations and planning.

  • Better, easier security

    Take a look at a jobsite in a whole new way. Provide flexibility and mobility to your security. Ensure the safety of your workers and your PPE no matter where you are.

  • See our data in the apps you’re used to

    Open our imagery in our own web and mobile interface, or in your own applications, such as BIM360, Threshold, or Google Earth.

  • Check wind turbine status

    Monitor the status of your wind turbines without harming production.

  • Monitor solar field buildouts

    Dynamically check on EHS (environment, health and safety) concerns when building out a solar site. Check on the thermal efficiency of your panels remotely.

  • Secure your pipelines

    Many pipelines in remote areas are subject to vandalism, theft, or leaks. Dynamically monitor pipelines by deploying our aerial robots and secure weatherproofed base stations in remote areas.

  • Increased security through eyes in the sky

    Your business focuses on the efficiency of moving other people’s products from place to place. Our aerial robots can augment your current security technology and notify you immediately of exceptions. Our system is flexible and mobile.

  • Tracking with aerial imagery

    Check progress quickly. Monitor tasks with quality imagery. Without interrupting activity, our aerial robots can track a port, depot, or shipyard to understand the exact status of your operation.

  • Drone delivery delivered

    Whether escorting your current trucks or doing last mile deliveries in hard to reach zones, our aerial robots can fly missions and drop off payloads anywhere you desire.

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Have you ever dreamed of coding a drone? Unpack the Dev Kit to write your own missions, or build that drone photo sharing app you have always talked about.

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Who is Skycatch?

We scale aerial robots in San Francisco, CA

Skycatch is a team with a diverse array of backgrounds but a common passion getting your ideas off the ground. We've grown quickly; within the last year we added staff with deep expertise in their respective fields. Our team members range from recent Harvard and Dartmouth graduates to startup founders and seasoned software engineers. Our current investors include Google Ventures and ffVC.

Who uses Skycatch?

Skycatch provides data collection services for some of the world's top companies in mining, construction and energy.
Our clients include DPR, First Solar, Solar City and more.