Edge Compute + GNSS Base Station

Combination GNSS base station and drone data processing unit delivering high accuracy maps and point clouds in minutes

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Maps & point clouds in 30 minutes

Automatically generate 2D maps, 3D data, and analysis reports

GNSS RTK base station

Dual-frequency GNSS RTK delivering reliable 5 cm accuracy

Works with and without network connection

Self-positioning without network connection and sync data to the cloud with built-in WiFi and LTE

AI on the Edge

Models can run on the edge and produce real-time predictions in the field

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“We’re using Skycatch to survey our whole mine and stockpiles three times a day. What used to take us 20 hours to manually survey now takes us 4 hours to fly and process with the Edge1.”

Technology Strategist, Aura Minerals

Highest Performance Compute On-The-Edge

The built-in Nvidia TX2 Mobile GPU has the highest performance on the market enabling both maps and point cloud processing locally within 30 minutes as well as running cutting edge AI inference real-time.

Robust global GNSS receiver

The integrated multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver supports signals from GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo, enabling reliably fast centimeter-level accuracy globally even in the most remote locations.

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