Watch and Learn

Learn how to create and work with your own maps and 3D models


Watch the Skycatch-DJI webinar series to learn workflows taught by industry experts

  • Webinar: Scaling Drone Operations in Your Organization

    Learn how to grow your drone operations into a scalable, repeatable process with DPR Construction and Skyward.

  • Webinar: Skycatch + DJI Webinar Series #4

    DJI Drone Workflows for Earthworks Management

  • Webinar: DJI Drone Workflows for BIM Coordination

    Learn how to take your BIM coordination to the next level with The Beck Group.

  • Webinar: DJI Drone Workflows for Aggregates

    Learn how to use drones for aggregates from industry experts CloudD8ta and Envalla.

  • Webinar: DJI Drone Workflows for Construction

    Learn how to use drones and data on your job sites from construction leaders Stantec and Hensel Phelps.

Guides & Case Studies

Get tips, tricks, and best practices to get the most out of your drone data

  • eBook: Drones in Construction

    Learn best practices on how to start or scale your drone operations.

  • Case Study: Time savings with Skycatch

    See how project managers and superintendents use Skycatch to save time every day.

  • Guide: How to analyze and share

    Overlay, measure, markup and more with Skycatch.

  • Guide: How to capture and upload

    Learn how to easily capture and upload your data for automated cloud-processing.

  • Case Study: Building better with Skycatch

    Learn how to use Skycatch drone data for construction.

  • Case Study: The Beck Group Builds Better with Skycatch Drone Data

    How The Beck Group saved 25% in rework with drone data.

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