How The Beck Group Uses Drones for Construction

With a seamless integration using automated drone flight and cloud-processing, construction tech pioneer The Beck Group saw efficiency improvements in the first few weeks across 5 different job sites.


25 %
Reduction in rework
Saved 5 hours a week on unnecessary meetings

Beck Senior Project Engineer Shella Chainaranont helps superintendents by producing a concrete pour sequencing plan. With a few clicks, imports the pour plan and places it on the 2D site map using the Skycatch Overlay feature. Shella and her team can now precisely analyze and communicate exactly where and when the work needs to be done.

After processing, Shella logs on to the Skycatch viewer and uses the 2D map as photo documentation to track progress against the sequencing plan. The team can see exactly what work is completed and what still needs to be done, and can immediately update team schedules and plan logistics.

Shella no longer has to wait until accounts receivable invoices roll in and manually verify work in the field. By using Skycatch, Shella verifies the work completed that day within minutes, not hours.

“The sooner we discover variance from the plan, the easier those variances are to correct. This is why quick turnaround on the drone imagery has made such a large improvement on our project schedule.”


Preventing Problems from Happening: Validating Construction with 3D Point Clouds & Navisworks

Site Superintendent Nathan Hernandez works closely with Shella and uses the Skycatch-generated 2D maps and 3D point clouds to compare progress with their 2D and 3D site plans. In their daily meetings, they project the Skycatch map onto a whiteboard for the other trades and contractors to easily see and comment on. Shella will combine the most recent Skycatch point cloud with the 3D model of the site in Navisworks and hand it off to Nathan, who can make a detailed assessment of the progress and notice if anything is holding construction back.

Strategizing with Sequencing Plans

Beck also overlays sequencing plans and assigns the actual grid lines to the 2D map, making it easy to measure production and share the map with the crew in the field. The old way, entire teams had to be called in to the office for a meeting, print out the plan and do a lot of pointing and drawing. Not only was there a lot of room for interpretation and error, this process used to take several hours a week, every single week. With Skycatch they have an accurate digital snapshot of where they are and where they’re supposed to be, so they know exactly what they need to do to hit their schedule.

“It’s incalculable what the value of this communication is. At a minimum it’s saving us hours per day per team that uses the data. Summing that across every day and every team here totals a very, very large savings for the project in cost, schedule and risk — it hits our most important KPIs.”


Find out how you can save time and streamline your workflow like Beck with a free Skycatch trial.

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